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Charvil Meadows, Old Bath Road, RG10 9QS

Charvil Meadows is located between the towns of Charvil and Twyford and features a good network of paths meandering around mainly grassy meadowland (interspersed with a few oxeye daisies and other wildflowers).

The meadows are only accessible on foot via Old Bath Road and Edwards Road, Charvil. We parked just off the high street in Twyford Town Centre (Polehampton Rd public car park) and walked up the Old Bath Road from there.  This was a good location to then return for a coffee in Twyford after our walk! 

In the past Charvil Meadows has been used for hay cropping and grazing, both of which enhance the richness of the site's flora and the diversity of its species.  It also borders the River Loddon and can be subject to periodic flooding.  

A great place to spot butterflies, can any butterfly experts identify the beautiful butterfly we spotted on the walk.

The main paths were dry when we visited (with little recent rain) and are suitable for a sturdy buggy.  Most paths are gravelled, but you also cut across mown grassland. 

There's a circular walk around the meadow, which then leads you back to the Old Bath road entrance.  We then extended our walk by crossing the road to explore Charvil Country Park opposite, which will be the feature of next week's Wednesday Walk.  Next week's walk can be found on the Twyford Together website (Charvil Country Park Walk) which is also the only map we could find which illustrates the paths around Charvil Meadows.

Charvil Country Park and Charvil Meadows have both recently been designated as Local Wildlife Sites.  In collaboration  with  Julia Morrison Photography.

Charvil Meadows - image 1
Charvil Meadows - image 1

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