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Charvil Country Park

Following on from last week's Wednesday Walk around Charvil Meadows, this week we're featuring Charvil Country Park, in collaboration with juliamorrisonphotography

Julia parked just off Twyford High Street, in the Polehampton Close public car park and then followed the Charvil Country Park Walk found on the Twyford Together website (3.5miles).  Alternatively, the closest car park to just explore the park itself is the East Park Farm car park next to Charvil Piggott Primary School.

Charvil Country Park offers a variety of lake views, woodlands, grasslands, meadowland and riverside walking, as well as lots of opportunities for wildlife watching.  There's a circular route to follow, as well as meandering paths crossing the meadowland in a variety of directions.  Most paths should be accessible with a sturdy buggy.

You can also see a few impressive examples of Brunel's railway viaducts spanning the River Loddon.  Julia nearly fell in the river leaping down the riverbank (scratching her legs on thorns on the way!) to quickly capture the train passing over the viaduct - scroll through to appreciate the pic she took for us!!  We would recommend a more relaxed approach to trainspotting on your walk!    

Charvil Country Park and Charvil Meadows have both recently been designated as Local Wildlife Sites, being seen as havens for a rich variety of wild animals including birds, insects and recently returned otters. Visit Wwokingham Borough Council for more info.

Charvil Country Park  - image 1Charvil Country Park  - image 2
Charvil Country Park  - image 1

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